Speakers & Consultants

The Stand Out Leadership Company is committed to helping individuals STAND OUT and thrive in life, school and work. One of the ways we help do this is through our speakers and consultants. Our Speakers and Consultants are experts in the areas of Leadership, Communication, Team Building, Diversity and Inclusion, Motivation and Women’s Leadership and Success. For more information or to book one of our Speakers and Consultants, please contact us.

Jermaine M. Davis

Jermaine M. Davis is the son of Carolyn “Charmaine” Davis, single mother of four children.  He grew up on the west side of Chicago in the Henry Horner’s housing projects.  After the unfortunate loss of six family members to violent deaths, Jermaine enrolled in college and began studying success and motivational principles to change the direction of his life.

Katie Ruberto

Katie Ruberto is Co-Founder and President of The Stand Out Leadership Company, an organization that specializes in developing leadership workshops and retreats as well as creating learning resources and products to help individuals grow and develop, both personally and professionally. Katie spent approximately ten years in Corporate America serving in many managerial and leadership roles as Project Manager, Marketing and Communications Lead and Diversity and Inclusion Manager within Human Resources.